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If you're a passionate educator who seeks a new adventure, Adventist Schools Victoria offers you the opportunity to do just that in Melbourne or Mildura.

Step into the vibrant teaching community that nurtures your growth and empowers your impact, while allowing you to explore Melbourne or Northwest Victoria.

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Why Adventist Schools Victoria?

At ASV, we're not just a school network; we're a family dedicated to your personal and professional development. Join our ranks and you can experience the below benefits.

Elevate your career

Embark on a journey of growth and excellence. ASV is committed to fostering the potential within you, offering tailored development opportunities that empower you to lead, inspire, and innovate.

Collaborative community

Teaching is a collaborative endeavour. ASV thrives on a supportive and united environment where your ideas are valued and teamwork is celebrated.

Employer discount on school fees

As a commitment to our educators, we offer a discount on school fees if your children attend one of our ASV schools.

Paid leave in your fourth year

To promote work-life balance and personal enrichment, ASV provides a unique benefit of paid leave during your fourth year of teaching. You can opt to be paid 75% of your annual salary, so you can work as usual in your first three years, and then in your fourth year, you can take advantage of a sabbatical to pursue personal interests, travel, engage in professional development activities, or spend quality time with family. It's our way of investing in your well-being and allowing you to recharge, then return to the classroom with renewed enthusiasm and growth.

Our cultural diversity

ASV is a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates cultural differences and fosters global citizenship. Working in the ASV education system means collaborating with colleagues and students from various backgrounds, enriching your own cultural perspective and broadening your horizons. Embrace the opportunity to learn from different cultures and contribute to the development of globally aware individuals.

Impact lives

Be a beacon of light in young minds. At ASV, you'll have the privilege of shaping the future generation, leaving an indelible mark on their lives through your passion for teaching.

Enjoy all that Melbourne offers

Beyond the classroom, Melbourne beckons with its eclectic energy, offering an unparalleled work-life balance that makes teaching here truly exceptional. When you join ASV, you'll become immersed in Australia's most liveable city, Melbourne. Known for its thriving food and coffee culture, exciting events, and a rich arts scene, Melbourne offers endless opportunities for you to indulge in the city's vibrant lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a city that constantly buzzes with cultural activities and culinary delights.

Melbourne's food adventure

Indulge your taste buds in Melbourne's gastronomic wonderland. From bustling food markets to world-class restaurants, every meal is a celebration of global flavours.

Australia's best public transport system

Melbourne boasts a well-connected public transport network, offering a number of services including trains, buses and trams (also known as trolleys or streetcars).

Sporting pulse

Immerse yourself in a sports lover's paradise. Feel the adrenaline rush of attending iconic events in Melbourne, a city where sportsmanship is woven into its very fabric.

Cultural immersion

Dive into a melting pot of culture and arts. Experience theatre, music, and art festivals that keep Melbourne's creative heartbeat alive all year round.

Lifestyle harmony

Melbourne's laid-back yet cosmopolitan vibe offers the perfect balance between work and leisure. Explore beaches, parks, and lively neighborhoods that will make you feel right at home.

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Our Schools

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EC primary and secondary students

Edinburgh College

Edinburgh College Lilydale is a Christian school (Seventh-day Adventist) offering a unique blend of faith-based learning and a comprehensive curriculum from Early Learning to Year 12. Located in Lilydale's scenic surrounds, the school emphasises service to others and fosters well-rounded individuals.

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Edinburgh College
Nunawading Christian College
Mernda Hills Christian College
Heritage College
Gilson College
Henderson College

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Embrace your future!

Take the leap and be part of ASV's passionate teaching community. Your journey starts here – in the dynamic heart of Melbourne, a city that embraces diversity, growth, and endless possibilities.

Join us at Adventist School Victoria and become the teacher you've always aspired to be, while immersing yourself in Melbourne's captivating allure.

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Apply now and embark on a transformative teaching adventure with ASV in Melbourne. Your dream career and an enriching life await down under.

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