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QAS Program


Quality Adventist Schools

The Quality Adventist Schools (QAS) Program is a school improvement framework based on world’s best practice and provides a process for schools to engage in the further strengthening of professional learning culture.

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QAS is designed to be the cornerstone for school-based review processes and meaningful professional conversations between schools and system leadership in relation to shared strategic goals.

The four domains on which the framework is based are: Adventist Identity; Learning & Teaching; Leading School Improvement; and Community Partnerships. These domains (or core building blocks) were agreed upon by over 100 Adventist educators across Australia who came together to create this document.

The framework provides a way for the school and its community to have greater ownership of and commitment to the success of the school.

The QAS Framework aims to:

  • Build a culture of improvement and excellence.
  • Provide a structure for school organisation, management and direction.
  • Create opportunities for ‘Professional Conversations’.
  • Focus on improving student outcomes.
  • Describe excellence and share best practice ideas.
  • Empower school leadership.
  • Give opportunities to celebrate progress and achievement.
  • Be evidence-based to inform the school improvement plan.
  • Identify the school’s resourcing needs.
  • Create evidence of meeting legislative requirements.
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