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Gilson College

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Gilson College

Gilson College is a Christian co-ed school (Early Learning-Year 12) offering a VCE program with a focus on Christian values and well-rounded development. Modern facilities and a strong school community are hallmarks.

Type of School

At Gilson College, there are about 240 full and part-time professionals who work as staff. It is a large campus in Taylors Hill with an established grounds and vibrant community.

What's in the Area?

Melbourne's western region offers a surprising variety of activities and attractions for visitors. Here are some of the highlights:

Nature and Outdoors:

  • You Yangs Regional Park: Escape the city and explore the scenic You Yangs Regional Park. Hike or bike the trails, go rock climbing, or have a picnic with a view. Keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos and koalas!
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  • Werribee Open Range Zoo: See iconic Australian animals roaming free in large enclosures at Werribee Open Range Zoo. Take a tram tour through the African Savannah or spot lions, zebras, and giraffes on the grasslands.
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  • Point Cook Coastal Park: Explore the Point Cook Coastal Park, a beautiful beachfront offering swimming, fishing, and stunning coastal views. The park is also historically significant, with remnants of World War II fortifications.
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  • Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail: Embark on a scenic walk or bike ride along the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail. The 20-kilometer trail stretches from Altona to Williamstown, offering stunning views of the bay and city skyline.
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History and Culture:

  • Werribee Park Mansion: Step back in time and explore the grand Werribee Park Mansion, a magnificent example of Italianate architecture. Take a guided tour of the mansion and gardens to learn about the history of the Chirnside family.Image of Werribee Park MansionOpens in a new window
  • Williamstown: Explore the historic port town of Williamstown, with its charming maritime atmosphere. Visit the Williamstown Historical Society Museum to learn about the town's rich history, or take a stroll along the waterfront and admire the docked boats.Image of Williamstown MelbourneOpens in a new window
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If you would like to join a church community, we partner with Gilson College Community Church.

Points of difference - Why this school?

Here's what sets Gilson College Taylors Hill apart from other schools:

  • Christian Ethos: If you prioritise a Christian education, Gilson College Taylors Hill offers a curriculum centered around Christian beliefs and aims to develop students' characters in a faith-based environment.
  • Early Learning to Year 12: Unlike many schools, Gilson provides a continuous education program from the very early years (2 years old) all the way to Year 12. This can offer stability and a familiar learning environment for students throughout their schooling.
  • Holistic Approach: The college goes beyond academics, focusing on intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical development of students.
  • Strong School Community: Gilson fosters a close-knit community atmosphere where students feel supported.
  • Modern Facilities: The Taylors Hill campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities like well-equipped art areas, a design and technology wing, and extensive sporting facilities.
  • Robust Year 9 Program: Learning 4 Life is an experiential education program that includes outdoor activities and experiences as well as completing modified expectations of the traditional curriculum.

If you value a Christian environment, a stable learning journey from a young age, a focus on well-rounded development, and modern facilities, Gilson College Taylors Hill could be a strong contender for your next educational experience.

Want to find out more?

Check out the Gilson College website and what this amazing part of the world has to offer...

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